The scientific effort of the in silico models are part of the ethical mission to protect human health and the environment

We want to enhance the capability of the in silico methods to assess the properties of chemical substances

The assessment of chemical properties requires a series of tools, due to the complexity of the challenge. Some tools are diagnostic, other prognostic. We provide software to predict properties (QSAR models), to make read across, to integrate the results of different QSAR models and of QSAR models with read across. Furthermore, we developed methods to screen and prioritize substances. We acknowledge a number of contributions from different sponsors and supporters, which allowed us to make freely available our tools.

We sustain the correct use of in silico methods

Our in silico methods do not only provide the predicted value, but also documentation to evaluate the reliability of the value. No in silico model is perfect, and the user should be aware of the possibilities and of the limitations. The user should define if interested in screening, or in the detailed assessment of a single substance.

We provide computer tools to support experts

We are committed to provide explanations useful to evaluate the results of the models. Our models are both diagnostic and prognostic ones. The explanations should drive the user towards the final assessment, with details for the understanding of the factors governing the effect of the substance, and caveats to avoid misuse.

We support evaluation of chemical safety

This is our ultimate goal. Our in silico methods are devoted to this. The scientific effort of the in silico models are part of the ethical mission to protect human health and the environment. The choral support of our community is beneficial for this general target. Similarly, the free availability of the VEGA scientific tools facilitates this common mission on a scientific point of view.

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