We can offer help in building in silico models designed specifically for evaluating your own chemicals.

We both develop and use in silico models, to evaluate contaminants, pollutants, and other chemical substances.

We are aware of the user needs, because we are also users.

VEGA HUB assistance evaluate substances

We evaluate substances

We can evaluate your substance using existing in silico models. We developed VEGA, but we currently use for our evaluation also other platforms, from US EPA and OECD, for instance. Typically several models are used for the same endpoint, to get a more reliable evaluation.
VEGA HUB assistance build up models

We build up specific models

We can build up specific models for specific situations, using your own data. Most of the models we implemented within VEGA are general models, ideally useful for a broad range of substances. If specific data on a certain chemical category (e.g. dyes) are available, predictive models for that category may be obtained, quite probably with better predictions. These focussed models can be built up starting from your data.
VEGA HUB assistance training

We train you

We provide training course for one or few people, on the use of VEGA and other common programs. The course is focussed on the interpretation of the results, and the comparison of the results from different models.
VEGA HUB assistance chemical design

We assist in chemical design

If you want to develop new substances, it is recommended that you first check their adverse properties using in silico models. We can assist you in this work.

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