The CLIENT Application
and its features


  • Freely available: No registration is required.
  • Real case focus: provides information specifically related to the FCM case study.
  • One-shop system: one-shop system for the substitution of risky chemicals.
  • High-throughput system: provides a substitution approach based on health assessment and a similarity algorithm.

Download Installing and starting ToxEraser FCM Software

ToxEraser FCM is a JAVA application that works on every operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac) supporting Java. Before proceeding, please check what version of Java is installed in your OS and if the JAVA_PATH environment variable is correctly set (for further details, please refer to Oracle documentation).

ToxEraser FCM works with Java 8 or OpenJDK Java 11+: depending on what version is installed or set in your operative system please follow the instructions below:


JAVA 8: Download and unpack the zipped file. To start the application, move to the application folder and run the file starter.bat

OPEN JDK JAVA 11 or greater: Download and unpack the zipped file. To start the application, you can just run the file ToxEraserFCMGUI-0.8.4.jar. On most systems, it is enough to double-click it. If you are not able to directly run it, open a command line window (like Command Prompt or PowerShell on Windows systems) move to the application folder and type:

java -jar ToxEraserFCMGUI-0.8.4.jar


Make sure to install the latest LTS version of Java. First, in a shell update the apt package index with sudo apt update command.

Once the package index is updated install the default Java OpenJDK package with sudo apt install default-jdk

When the installation is complete, move to the application folder and execute sh starter.sh or bash starter.sh, or double click on starter.sh file

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