Novel In Silico Models for Assessment of Cosmetics
One week course “VEGA and other in silico models”
May 17, 2019
VEGA QSAR screenshot
A new version of VEGA QSAR is available, now including more than 70 models
March 15, 2020


Training about "Novel In Silico Models for Assessment of Cosmetics – Practical Applications..."

Co-organized by Altertox Academy

Venue: Via Mario Negri 2, 20156 Milan, Italy

The course will introduce the use of models relevant for cosmetic ingredients, addressing properties like mutagenicity (Ames test and micronucleus), skin sensitizations, NOAEL, and others for human toxicity. The course will address hazard and exposure, such as skin permeation. New models, developed in the last year, will be also presented.

Questions addressed within the course will be:

  • How to evaluate the reliability of the models?
  • How to compare results from different models?
  • How to identify relevant chemicals for read-across?
  • How to integrate the results from in silico models and read-across?
  • Besides Mario Negri's experts, speakers for this training are:

Judith C Madden, Liverpool John Moores University talking about "Prediction of Skin Metabolism and its Implication in Toxicity Assessment-Computational" Tao Chen, University of Surrey talking about "in silico modelling of skin permeation"

The training will only take place if a min. of 4 participants is reached

Registration fee includes the participant booklet, catering and social dinner.

The training will start with 0.5 day lectures and will be followed by 1.5 days of practical training (Hands on-training) where participants, divided in small groups will get the chance to discuss and interact with the experts. This is a perfect way to quickly approach a software, as well as data analysis and interpretation.

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