Course “Advanced School In Benefits and Risks In Life Sciences”
Practical Toxicological Course
March 14, 2018
Workshop: Vermeer Project for Safety evaluation: focus on international cosmetic regulatory framework
Workshop “Vermeer Project for Safety evaluation: focus on international cosmetic regulatory framework”
November 27, 2018

Course "Advanced School In Benefits And Risks In Life Sciences"

For The Year 2018-2021 At The IRCCS- Istituto Di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri

Dr. Emilio Benfenoti, Course Responsible
Dr. Enrico Garattini, Research Degree Coordinator
Prof Silvio Garattini Director and Legal Representative

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The IRCCS - lstituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri has established a competition for admission to four positions in the "Advanced School in Benefits and Risks in Life Sciences through Computational Methods" for the years 2018-2021.
The course, aimed at training researchers in the field of computational toxicology, involves integration of the studenťs own theoretical preparation with practical experience that the student will acquire at the Institute in the development and use of in silico models and, in general, non-testing methods. The course will be run at the Institute in Milan and will last three years. At the end of the course, students who have passed a final exam will be issued an "Attestation of Attendance". The training activity carried out does not in any way imply the establishment of a work relationship under any title at the Institute.

Admission Requirements

Students may apply for participation in the competition for admission to the Course, without limitation of citizenship, and must, upon submission of the application, possess at least one of the following degrees:

  • a five-year / senior degree in scientific disciplines
  • a degree "vecchio ordinamento" (ex D.M. 509/99) in scientific disciplines
  • a master's degree (2nd level degree in D.M. 509/99 and D. M. 270/04) in scientific disciplines
  • a degree obtained at foreign universities and recognized as eligible.
Application for admission

To participate in the competition, applicants must send an application for admission (Attachment) to the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, at the e-mail address, in the period first of June 2018 - 31 December 2018, indicating as the object "Announcement for Advanced School Course in Benefits and Risks in Life Sciences through Computational Methods 2018-2021". The following documents must be enclosed as electronic files (on pdf format):

  • curriculum vitae in European format (with indication of laboratory work to date and its duration)
  • a list of scientific publications, with lmpact Factors
  • a copy of the degree certificate or diploma
  • a copy of a valid identity document
  • any other useful documentation for assessing the candidate.

Questions not answered in all or part of the documents requested will not be considered.

The admission test

Candidates who meet the requirements listed are admitted to the test, which consists of an interview, designed to ascertain the candidate's aptitude for scientific research. The interview may be actually held, at the Institute, or through the internet, via Skype or similar tools. Candidates will have to present their experience in the field and discuss it before a Commission. The candidate has 15 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the discussion. The test is only passed if the candidate scores at least 42/60. Examination will be held starting in June 2018 for the first of the four positions and then, starting in September 2018, for the remaining three positions, until all the four positions will be covered.

The Examination Board is appointed by the Research Degree Coordinator and consists of members of the lnstitute's scientific staff.


At the end of the admission test, the Commission ranks the candidates who passed it based on their scores. The Commission's assessment is indisputable. The Research Degree Coordinator and the Legal Representative shall approve the Minutes of the competition and shall determine the ranking of candidates for admission to the Course. The ranking will be made public by October 15, 2018.

Admission to the course and registration

All candidates who have taken the Admission test will be sent an e-mail message with the result. The winners will be given the dates and details for enrolling in the Course. Candidates will be admitted to the Course in different times, with the first position being open since July 2018, the second in September 2018, and the other two positions in November 2018. lf these four positions will not be covered, a further selection will be done based on the applications received by December 31st 2018. Failure to register (by an eligible candidate) within the time limit of two months after communication to the winner by the Institute will be considered a waiver of the position, which will be awarded to the next candidate in the ranking. Entry to the Course is not compatible with simultaneous attendance of other courses, either inside or outside the Institute. All information about the course and its modules is available at request to Emilio Benfenati. No entry fee is required. The winners will receive a fellowship from the Institute.

Treatment of personaI data

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196, all data provided will be processed in paper or computer form, in accordance with the provisions for the procedure for which they are required and will be used solely for that purpose.