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April 10, 2022
QSAR Model Reporting Format (QMRF) of VEGA models
November 15, 2020
SWAN implements a weight of evidence strategy.

Within the EC-funded LIFE project CONCERT REACH, the new software system SWAN has been developed, which implements a weight of evidence strategy for assessing the properties of substances, integrating Non-testing methods.

The program integrates the results of two systems: VERA Read Across tool, using structural alerts and chemical molecular groups, and QSAR Workflow based on the predictions of several QSAR models and their reliability. In this version, two endpoints are available: Carcinogenicity and Fish Toxicity.


Download SWAN Application

SWAN is a JAVA application that works on every operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac) supporting Java. Java 15 or higher is required. You can download OpenJDK installers from https://jdk.java.net/ or follow the instructions available on the OpenJDK website.

Download and unpack the zipped file. To start the application, just move to the unzipped folder and run the file SWAN-GUI.jar with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). On most systems, it is enough to double-click it. If you are not able to directly run it , open a command line window (like Command Prompt on Windows systems or BASH shell on Linux), move to the folder and type: java -jar SWAN-GUI.jar

If you are using a Windows system you can run the application simply using the starter.bat launcher, which uses a local distribution of Java included in the folder and indeed does not require a specific installation of Java on your machine.



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