Here you can download in Silico models (QSAR and read across) for specific properties, or programs to build up your own model
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    A collection of tools for chemoinformatics. These software use the features developed inside the VEGA application core libraries, like molecule conversion, manipulation, SMARTS matching, similarity calculation.

    VEGA-based tools has been developed by Kode s.r.l. in collaboration with Istituto Mario Negri.

    The In-Silico Tools are freely available for download, upon registration, at Kode website.

    Last Release
    January 31, 2017
    Official Website
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  • Description

    The software has been developed for building counter-propagation artificial neural network (CPANN) models and self-organising maps (SOM).

    For the modelling, the user provides descriptor values and target/endpoint values as input for the program.

    The SOM tool is freely available for download at National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia website.

    Last Release
    March 9, 2017